• You'll find our reserves of natural gas storage and transportation capabilities
    up to the task.

  • You'll get purchasing strategies that let you meet the demands flexibly.

  • You'll get additional ideas, information and advice on industry and risk
    management tools that will make planning easier.

    To get you the natural gas you require, we manage inventories and multiple-field
    storage sites, analyze load profiles and capacity utilization. Through our
    transportation resources, we dispatch supplies, manage imbalances, cash-outs, and
    transport contracts, and oversee daily delivery activities from the gas field or
    storage facility right through to the point of use.

    Volaire wants to help you optimize your business. You can build a long-term
    relationship with us that will give you the best ways to optimize your energy
    assets and maximize your efficiencies.  Volaire knows how to manage
    transportation assets. We  can:

  • Manage and optimize firm or interruptible transportation

  • Facilitate city gate deliveries or even deliver directly to the burner tip

  • Purchase released capacity

  • Negotiate storage fees and pipeline rates


   Physical Products
Let Volaire put your transportation assets  to work for you.
We will help you secure transportaion or optimize your current assets
for additional savings and greater supply flexibility.

Volaire offers tailored physical products suited to meet each customer's
risk and demand profile.  When you need to secure the most reliable
energy supply, Volaire is the answer.