Risk Management

    Given the risks involved in buying and selling natural gas in today's volatile
    energy environment, you need reliable risk advisory and market analysis  to
    help  manage your exposures in order to stay profitable.

    Volaire is ready to help you manage the impact of market volatility over time
    and work with you to create a plan that fits your company's risk profile and
    financial objectives

    Volaire  offers a comprehensive list of customized risk management services that
    can provide you a level of certainty and energize your business:

  • Fixed Price
    Your price is fixed for baseload sales/purchases for one month to multi-year
    terms. This option allows you to capitalize on seasonal market price swings and
    provides price certainty during an unpredictable market cycle. Fixed Price can
    be combined with other financial tools to meet your price objectives.

  • Index Price
    Your price is calculated from a published index or a basket of indices that varies
    each month and allows you to participate fully in market movements. Index
    price represents the most commonly traded fixed price at a major trading point
    during bid week. Index price can be combined with other financial tools to meet
    your price objectives.

  • Basis Price
    Your price is based on the differential between a major trading hub published
    index and a NYMEX price (a settle, three-day average, or a triggered price). Basis
    price also can be combined with other financials tools to meet your price

  • Price Caps, Floors and Collars
    You set your price parameters around a high (cap) and/or a low (floor)
    acceptable price related to variable price indicators. Caps, floors and collars can
    be applied to either a first-of-month index, a daily survey price or a NYMEX-
    related price.

  • Innovative Pricing Tools
    Volaire  offers a range of sophisticated risk management tools tailored to fit your
    specific business objectives.

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