As a  natural gas marketer, Volaire  maintains an active presence in natural gas
    fixed for floating swaps, basis, options, and other pricing benchmarks. We work
    with natural gas producers, pipelines, and consumers , managing supply and
    transportation assets in order to provide customers with expert delivery service.

    Volaire's ability to create specialized solutions for customers of nearly any size
    and the company's intimate knowledge of the market enables us to out perform
    nationally focused companies and deliver faster service, more market
    opportunities and reliable, cost-effective energy supplies. Volaire's  steady
    growth is, in large part, a result of its willingness to provide value and manage
    risk for utilities  and large industrial users.

    Volaire's services are tailored to the wholesale customer’s needs for natural gas
    buying and selling, price hedging, supply or demand swing management and
    asset management.  

    Volaire Energy is an energy marketer dedicated to procurement and
    transportation related services for customers across the entire commercial
    and industrial spectrum, as well as municipalities and utilities; selling
    proprietary and third-party natural gas within various North American
    regional markets.  We are also a specialized retail provider of customized
    electricity and natural gas solutions.